Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Life what do we do?

First off im sorry i havnt written sooner i forgot my password again and had to go through the trouble of getting things back in order.
Things have gotten busy as usual. I am with a new girl and she has kids which i love but being superdad isnt easy when your multi business owner. When all else fails your prioritys should lay with God, and i have not been doing that lately. I know he has so much planned for me and has a great future in the works but sometimes im just as sure that I am the Only one who sees that. Everyone else is just humoring me and laughing in the background. Dont get me wrong this doestn sway me any. It just makes me a little frustraited.
On top of that the girl i am with is not a christain and it is playing on my soul. Is love strong enough to suffer through the process of conversions? I ask myself daily wether i am with the right person. As a christain am i suppose to look in the church only? I love being a father figure the super dad and with the worry that i may not be able to make my own then i am happy to take up someone elses. Oh the thoughts in my head.....
So i go to God. He holds all the answers even if you dont here a voice in the clouds to spell it out. I await the answers to my questions.

In other news well lets just say allot has happened. About to launch my site and hope that the message was from God faith is funny that way, even though im sure of it i question it somewhat, well i dont but those around me do. I know this is what God wants of me and it will happen. I will say more later but its late and i need some sleep. watch for more.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Talk About An Update!

Ok So allot has happened since I last posted to this blog. I kinda got busy and couldn't get to it. Well the shop closed, and then things came to a grinding hault. I had this crazy lady from the city of toledo come against me in a not nice way and then I accidently ran her over. Then allot more happened and I met a new girl with three great boys that I have to say I wouldn't mind calling my own.
There has been just one miracle after another though and I dont mind talking about it. I had all I owned put into jepardy and then God took care of that, in a way it was like triming the fat, somethings went away for good but they were better off going away. Then I had this incident where this lady just showed up to take my truck and was in the wrong. I backed up and hit her, I was in the wrong because it was an accident and i came back to confront it on my own accord. Then they tried to press a felony charge on me. Which then put my other case into trama, and i had a probation violation. Everyone wanted me in Jail basicly. I went to God and asked for help and then the case was dropped and everything just went away. Then I met this great girl, who was right under my nose all along. And that has really helped to center me more.

You know sometimes God is just great!! I mean sometimes you think you know whats going on and then God shows you whats really up. Like that popular country song says, if you wanna make God laugh just tell him your plans. I mean i had things all planned out and I just thought that was the way they would go. Then God stepped in and showed me a better idea. Here im running this business of mine to grow it to the point where i can donate money. Then hes like heres a better way, do what goodwill does and the others like that run a company thats sole purpose is to fund the charity and to grow.
Put God first and the rest will follow.
I have so much more to say but it has been awhile and i need to center my thoughts so look for more in the near future.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Finding the Right Woman!?!?!?!?

It has been awhile since i have written on the blog. Allot has happened, the store is closed now and we are looking for a new spot and basicly broke and at bottom. But we have a location and a plan to build back up to be better then we were before. But I am not alone here at the bottom I have met a great gal named krista.
Finding the right woman isnt easy to do, I have failed so many times before so I always doubt it when i think i have found her. But there are the basics. Like as i have found now finding a woman who can be there with you in the trenches and cheer you up to make you charge back out and fight the battle you so dont want to confront. Well she meets that standard well.
Finding a good woman is like finding a classic car. You have to choose carefully. But sometimes the best relationships are the ones you have to work on, like a car, you must look for a good frame and a decent body, you can always work on it from there but who wants to do a frame off restoration if they dont have to, because in that instance you will put in all that work and time and when the project is done you will be disappointed and find a new project. No you need a good foundation, a woman must have the core values and personality that will work with you and then a body you can enjoy now and work on later. All the rest is just things you do as time goes on and you will find joy in the steps you take together.

How often do we look at eachother like that, people. Are we Gods project cars sometimes. None of us are perfect, but he still loves us. I can never stop being amazed by that. Here we are the bastard children of God. Like a bunch of toddlers we are constantly disobediant and missbehaving. But we do love him in the end and he never stops loving us. What if we were born the way we were gonna be our whole life? What if he didnt make us in his image so we could grow and change and become better (or worse for some people) as we aged? God is the same way if you read through out the old testiment. He was distant to his people although when he showed himself it was in a drastic way. What if he couldnt grow, and change? Then he wouldnt have sent his one and only son to die for our sins and tear down that curtain that distance God from his children. But PRAISE GOD he did!!!
We are saved because of him and we can change because of him. Never stop asking how can I be better? And when you just dont know what to do next look to God and ask for guidence and be patient enough to recieve your answer. God bless you all untill next time.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Rejoice when you are low!!

That is a wierd thing to say, but some times it is the life motto i have to live by. What do you do when you are so close to collapse. When your down on rent, bills, and not sure when the next money tree will bloom? Well i like to say rejoice! I ask God for deliverence and have FAITH that he will pull me through this like he does always for his people.
I was watching the local channel WLMB i cant remember the name of the show but it is the paster in brownsville. I like his sermons because he keeps it real even when his church has grown to massive size. But he pointed out a strong point FAITH. It means to believe in something you can not see. And he said it this way that we make it happen with our faith! Can you imagine that? God uses our FAITH as the yeast to make the bread rise.
Too many christains today ask God for something and then go around moaping about how bad you have it and how you hope God answers your prayers. NO!!!! Stand up and CLAIM your right to what God has already given you. Even if it is something that God wasnt planning on giving you because he thought you might not need it. Well that persistance to him that constant asking and prayers and FAITH that it has been given to you already. Well one day God will see that and say hmm maybe i should give this to him so that he will be happy.
Can you imagine what the world would be like if all the christians in the world lived by Faith and went around claiming what God has given them as if it was already in thier grips.
Go and claim your blessing!

Friday, March 17, 2006

The blessings God has given me 2

So I shared the pictures of what i had right. Some may say that i am being bold that i am braging. Well to them i say YES I am bragging about MY GOD! He is such an AWESOME GOD that he gave this scmuck little man who in his sin turned his back and blaspheamed him who was so blind to the divine hand of the almighty that HE had to take drastic steps and allow me to be put in jail to get me alone. Yeah I brag because if HE can and wants to save me little piece of crap me then just think what he could do with any one of you reading this.
I made one promise to GOD one night as I lay in my cell. I told him that if he would give me many blessings I would shout to the world how he had blessed me i would brag to people i didnt even know and say look how blessed i am.
Now am i saying this to put someone down, NO! I'm saying this to lift you up. You know what you have to do to be blessed? This is a cool secret of being a christain, come a little closer so i can whisper it. ASK HIM AND HE WILL GRANT IT! Yeah thats it. You see God isnt a magic genie but one thing he is is a loving father to his people. And one thing a loving father likes to do is make his children smile. So what is the formula. You ask him for the desires of your heart, you have faith that you will get them, and you dont doubt his judgement if you dont. Some things i have asked for i havnt gotten. Did i get mad, a little, but then God showed me how i didnt need that thing, how me having that was a want not a need. And a want can wait a long time over a need.
Have you ever seen a child playing with a toy they begged thier parents for. Its all the rage they cant put it down. Then in a short time they tire of it and throw it away. Well God isnt waistfull so if he didnt let you have it maybe its because he knew you would just throw it away. Or maybe there was someone else who needed it more than you.
So ask the Lord to bless you and be blessed!!
Thank you and may God be with you.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

The blessings God has given me!

My 93 Ford areostar with a 4. 0V6 this thing is awsome to drive. I dont have time so it just sits in storage.

heres my 89 Ford F150 With a Straight 6 and a 5spd this thing is a kick to drive.

This is my S10 4X4 with a 4.3 V6 this thing thinks its a big truck with a big block. A blast to drive off road.

Here is my 89 S15 I had an accident and rolled it 3 times landing upside down, after only getting a scratch i decided to keep the truck After flipping it back over it ran fine so i decided to make it a permanant convertable. but with a 4cyl motor and a 5spd this thing is a hoot to drive.

This is my 87 Chevy sprint 2dr this one is getting the motor rebuilt for a turbo and the parts put back on it, ut hey for 100 bucks its a great deal.

This is my nomad camper trailer all stripped down, its going to be turned into a kick butt utility trailer later.

This is my first boat its a 72 Glastron 16ft boat, not a bad starter, as soon as the title work is done im going to work on it to restore it.

My 87 olds Delta 88 this is a neat car to drive, im converting it to rear wheel drive and putting a supercharged 3.8 V6 in it so it will be nice then for sure.

This is my 87 Dodge Daytona This rare gem i picked up is a turbo T-top car with an automatic, as soon as the new motor goes in it, its gonna be off to the races.

My 87 chevy sprint 4 dr this is an awsome little 3cyl 5spd car that gets 50 mpg and is a hoot to drive.

My 84 Ford F150 this ol truck i picked up for 50 bucks and all it needed was a battery. gotta love deals like that.

God has brought me through allot since my time in jail. I came out of it with nothing to my name i wasnt even sure if i had the couple of cars i used to have. I asked God to bless me so that i could bless others. So far i have been able to help a little and he has granted me these diamonds in the rough. Im sure when the day comes and they are all done then he might ask me to give one up but when that day comes i wont question him.

Here are my cars and one b
oat. I also have been given a motorcycle but i dont have a picture of it but its not that pretty yet so its no big deal.

Then there is my toyota truck which is a lil 4cyl turbo race truck pulling 13s so far, which is a surprise to the corvettes i pass on the street.

And the little white car is my 86 Dodge aries 2dr. Took awhile to fine one of these this clean, its getting a turbo 2.5 daytona motor put in it soon and all the suspension parts too, which should make it a 10sec car,

Im tired now so i will write more tomorrow. I have a message to go with this but i am falling asleep trying to write it all. So stay tuned and i will write more later.

Monday, March 13, 2006

The old farm house

Here are some pics of the old farm house i want to buy. I pray it is what God wants and that i can get it. but if not then i will move on and try to find something for less to get me by.

You should be able to just click on the links. We ll see how well it works.
It needs some work but its just what i want to be in all the rest of my life so what the heck.

atest news and Who is perfect

Well it has been a weird week. In personal news, the store lost its electricity because i forgot to send payment on the bill, thats what i get for being forgetfull. Luckily we had one live plug from the nieghbors space and ran everything off of that. So things are progressing well, i think we never needed the heat that bad anyway so our bill will be less when we get it back on.

In other news I keep having these dreams of my ex, I question weather it is just old feelings or if i should persue her again, my mind tells me no but my heart tells me yes. I also have been talking to a girl in the philippines that i think is very nice. She has so many traits i can see in my future wife, but i must always ask if it is right.

Im not perfect, not by far, I have this one trait that comes to me often, and that is my love of sex. It is not an honorable thing, it is the one thing i asked god if he could take from me and it just wont go. Its like an animal side to me as a man. Some days I hate it so much. Then i have my days when i embrass it. But since my ex when i was engaged i havnt been able to enjoy it. I havnt had the sex with the love. I have resorted to my old ways of trying to find love in sex, instead of finding sex with one i love.

Isnt this the peril of man. We repeat the mistakes we know all to well are bad for us. I find myself some days discusted with myself. Then I think of God. He can forgive a discusting creature like myself, and stand by us as we grow. Even king David had his sexual misconducts, and God turned that around to provide king Solomon, one of the wisest men in time. So even in my moments of pure male lust i remind myself that it will all get better. Soon i will find a wife and marry and then the actions in the bed will be blessed. I hope when that time comes that God will grant me with a child to call my own. Untill then i know i will continue to repeat my mistakes like a dog that returns to his vomit.

Who is perfect anyway. There was only one perfect person and he was hung on a cross. Then there is talk of the Devici Code thing, where it is said that in fact Jesus Christ was with a woman and had a child and the holy grail is in fact that bloodline of Jesus. i think of that and where the bible came from, it was published in some time by men, from an era when the catholic church was trying to control its patrons rather than educate them. It is a dark day in the history of christianity but a day indeed.

So where is the sin in it all, so what if Jesus had a wife and child, so what if he actually God forbid had relations with a woman. He was sent here in the form of a man, does not a man reach for a woman. It is the very way we were made. I think there should have been a whole book in the bible dedicated to it, then there wouldnt be so much questions to that one subject. I hear these stories of jesus with a woman and it makes me happy because then he truely did come here to live as a man, and then go to be with his father in heaven. i mean what else do we not see in the bible. Like did they ever say that in his week sermon on the mount, among the breaking of the bread and fish that he stopped and went down to the valley to take a dump. Or when he ate all those figs, did they say amist the crowd that jesus broke wind. Or did he take a pee break in a sermon. No all this is human traits how dare he do that. But he came in human form.

What am i getting at? What is perfect? Where do you draw the lines? Is the gassy guy in the corner a swine unfit to be saved? Or the guy who has an occasional drink a drunk to burn in hell. Jesus himself drank wine, but he did not become drunk with it. A pill can be a medication of salvation or abused for the addict who wants a trip. Is that pill bad? No!! The man is the one that needs the help.

So before one points the finger saying thats not right, shouldnt we all look into ourselves and ask our we perfect? No, but still the father God forgives us and is there to help us to better ourself.

Thank you and I want to list another post about a house i want to get, but i am gonna do that later.

lets see if this thing is working again

I had some problems with the site so lets see if it is working again. be back with more if it is