Sunday, April 23, 2006

Finding the Right Woman!?!?!?!?

It has been awhile since i have written on the blog. Allot has happened, the store is closed now and we are looking for a new spot and basicly broke and at bottom. But we have a location and a plan to build back up to be better then we were before. But I am not alone here at the bottom I have met a great gal named krista.
Finding the right woman isnt easy to do, I have failed so many times before so I always doubt it when i think i have found her. But there are the basics. Like as i have found now finding a woman who can be there with you in the trenches and cheer you up to make you charge back out and fight the battle you so dont want to confront. Well she meets that standard well.
Finding a good woman is like finding a classic car. You have to choose carefully. But sometimes the best relationships are the ones you have to work on, like a car, you must look for a good frame and a decent body, you can always work on it from there but who wants to do a frame off restoration if they dont have to, because in that instance you will put in all that work and time and when the project is done you will be disappointed and find a new project. No you need a good foundation, a woman must have the core values and personality that will work with you and then a body you can enjoy now and work on later. All the rest is just things you do as time goes on and you will find joy in the steps you take together.

How often do we look at eachother like that, people. Are we Gods project cars sometimes. None of us are perfect, but he still loves us. I can never stop being amazed by that. Here we are the bastard children of God. Like a bunch of toddlers we are constantly disobediant and missbehaving. But we do love him in the end and he never stops loving us. What if we were born the way we were gonna be our whole life? What if he didnt make us in his image so we could grow and change and become better (or worse for some people) as we aged? God is the same way if you read through out the old testiment. He was distant to his people although when he showed himself it was in a drastic way. What if he couldnt grow, and change? Then he wouldnt have sent his one and only son to die for our sins and tear down that curtain that distance God from his children. But PRAISE GOD he did!!!
We are saved because of him and we can change because of him. Never stop asking how can I be better? And when you just dont know what to do next look to God and ask for guidence and be patient enough to recieve your answer. God bless you all untill next time.