Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Life what do we do?

First off im sorry i havnt written sooner i forgot my password again and had to go through the trouble of getting things back in order.
Things have gotten busy as usual. I am with a new girl and she has kids which i love but being superdad isnt easy when your multi business owner. When all else fails your prioritys should lay with God, and i have not been doing that lately. I know he has so much planned for me and has a great future in the works but sometimes im just as sure that I am the Only one who sees that. Everyone else is just humoring me and laughing in the background. Dont get me wrong this doestn sway me any. It just makes me a little frustraited.
On top of that the girl i am with is not a christain and it is playing on my soul. Is love strong enough to suffer through the process of conversions? I ask myself daily wether i am with the right person. As a christain am i suppose to look in the church only? I love being a father figure the super dad and with the worry that i may not be able to make my own then i am happy to take up someone elses. Oh the thoughts in my head.....
So i go to God. He holds all the answers even if you dont here a voice in the clouds to spell it out. I await the answers to my questions.

In other news well lets just say allot has happened. About to launch my site and hope that the message was from God faith is funny that way, even though im sure of it i question it somewhat, well i dont but those around me do. I know this is what God wants of me and it will happen. I will say more later but its late and i need some sleep. watch for more.